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Hi there!

Welcome to my website! My name is Zach, and I am currently an Information Science PhD student at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, where my research is centered on cybersecurity, advised by Dr. Rick Wash. I am part of the Information School, which is within the School of Computer, Data, and Information Sciences. In 2023, I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Information Science with a concentration in Human-Centered Technologies from Michigan State University, where I also researched virtual reality at the SPARTIE Lab.

In my free time, I enjoy skiing, and long distance road cycling—I once rode my bike 100 miles in one day. In addition, I like to make things by sewing, using my embroidery machine, and crocheting.

I am always happy to talk, so do not hesitate to email me and/or follow me on social media! 😁👋

Recent News

  • 5/24/2024: I started as a counselor for the GenCyber camp at Oakland University. New
  • 2/20/2024: I was admitted to UW-Madison's Information PhD program! New
  • 12/16/2023: I graduated from MSU.